Some of the Completed Research Projects

Research projects

1. Optimization of computer color match prediction procedures with the aid of spectral decomposition theory.
2. Reconstructing metameric black from the color coordinates by using neural network and spectral decomposition theory.
3. Reconstruction of reflectance curves based on tristimulus values using interpolation Algorithm.
4. Evaluation of geometric attributes of automotive coatings.
5. Investigation of the correlation between instrumental measurements and visual assessments of the gloss.
6. Investigation of the effect of distinctness of image and its measurement methods on the appearance of automotive finishes.
7. Design and manufacture of two cabinets for visual assessment of surface appearance.
8. Light matching of standard illuminants by LEDs light sources.
9. Evaluation of unlevelness of dyed textiles with spectrophotometer and scanner.
10. New method for a data set for fuzzy color naming and application in color space.
11. Strategic study of the production of a display.
12. Study of optical and physical properties of carbon nanotubes coatings.
13. Designing a colorimeter to reconstruct reflectance curve of an object.
14. Instrument dependency of kubelka-munk theory in computer color matching.
15. Comparative study of neural networks with physical models in computer color matching.
16. Color matching for digital printing.
17. Effect of bleaching process on color change of tooth samples.
18. The effect of aging on discoloration of amaris, a highly esthetic composite.
19. The Effect of different polishing procedures on discoloration of grandio and point4 composite resins.
20. Assessment of the color inconstancy index of natural colorants.
21. Effect of CIELCH coordinates on selection of preferred black.

Patents & Books

1. A blackness index to assess the color of dark grey to black textiles.
2. Interference filter based on polymeric nano materials.
3. Fabrication of a spin casting machine for waveguides and hollow optical fibers.
4. Design and fabrication of a unidirectional illumination system for visual assessment of appearance of material.
5. Design and fabrication of a diffuse illumination system for visual assessment of appearance of material.
6. Design and fabrication of a laboratory integrating sphere.
7. Design and fabrication of a smart adjustment system of lighting by controlling level of environment illumination.

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