Some of the Completed Research Projects

Some of the completed research project:
  • Flexography ink formulation for tissues printing
  • The formulation & optimization of water-basedflexography ink for food packaging and studying their properties
  • The study of ink adhesion on plastic substrates and investigation of treatment methods
  • The study on dye and pigment based water borne ink-jet inks formulation and study of their properties
  • Formulation of commercial ink-jet inks
  • Development and synthesis of novel 3D inks for inkjet printing.
  • Synthesis of novel reactive inks for textile printing
  • Preparation of self-cleaning glass by ink jet printer
  • Investigation of solvent effect on the ink-jet printed paper
  • Study the effect of modification of fabric on ink-jet printing properties
  • Development and synthesis of FDA approved inks for food packaging
  • Preparation of conductive inks
  • Preparation of antibacterial inks
  • Investigation of physical properties of a nano ceramic ink for ink-jet printing
  • The effects of nano silica additives on rheological and physical properties of offset-lithography inks
  • The effects of pigment type, loading and clay additives on rheological properties of offset-lithography inks.
  • Production of laser jet toner

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