Research Activities

Research activities:
The Department of Printing Science and Technology is the first department in Middle East, which offers a degree course in printing technology from the year 2012. Since then, the research programs concerning inks and printings in different area of industry. The department’s goal is based on quality control and producing all types of ink, which include digital (ink-jet, laser jet,..) and conventional (lithography, flexography , gravure, and screen ). In addition, the department focuses on formulation of functional inks to print onto metallic containers, plastics, papers, textiles, ceramics and other materials.
The group has developed expertise in the following areas of
  • Development and synthesis of conductive and dielectric inks
  • Research and development in the field of smart systems integration by using micro and nano technologies used in different industry (Food, Medical, Security)
  • Design application and security dyes on ink printing
  • Development of time temperature indicator
  • Development of electronic devices such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Solar Cells, RFIDs, sensors.
  • Development of elctrochromic devices
  • Study of migration phenomena in/to/from printing based on formulations as used on metallic containers, plastics and other materials
  • Study of polymer surface treatment methods in order to increasing ink adhesion
  • Study of rheological properties of printing inks
  • Dispersion and study of its effect on the ink physico-chemical properties
  • Working on colour formers, sublimation process, and hot melt process on different substrates.
  • Development and synthesis of novel photochromic and thermochromic inks for security purposes.
  • Synthesis of novel reactive dye based inks for textile printing
  • Development and synthesis of ceramic ink
  • Development and synthesis of UV-cured inks
  • Problem solving in printing industry

We honored our abilities in analytical chemistry, innovation, experimental design, product evaluation and problem solving.

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