Department of Inorganic Pigments and Glaze



Inorganic pigments and coatings are important due to their ability to resistance at high temperatures and corrosive chemical environments and color stability in tile and whiteware industries.

Research activities

The main research activities of the department are in the fields of high temperature coatings, glaze of ceramics or metals (enamels), chemical resistant coatings, smart coatings and so on. Synthesis of inorganic pigments, special, multifunctional and traditional, producing of different inorganic coatings, designing of new glaze formulations and their preparation and processing are the research topics of our department.


Gas Pycnometer Planetary mill Box Furnaces (1200°C-1500°C)
Polarizing Microscope Autoclave Tube furnaces (1600°C)


Customer services

  • Characterization 
  • Synthesis
  • Consulting

Distinguished research projects

Research Activities:

  • Rheological properties of ceramic slips and colloids
  • Synthesis and characterization of traditional special Inorganic pigments including photo luminescent, magnetic, antibacterial, self-cleaning, electromagnetic, anticorrosion, structural and inclusion encapsulated pigment.
  • Formulation of various glazes, enamels and inorganic coatings such as:
  • Tile and porcelain Glaze 
  • High temperature coatings
  • Characterization of inorganic pigments, glazes and coatings
  • Stabilizing of suspensions and colloid systems.
  • Consulting with industry and defining of industrial and scientific research projects related to Inorganic pigments and coatings.




Hassan Ahmadi Moghaddam
Hassan Ahmadi Moghaddam
Assistant Professor
Amirmasoud Arabi
Amir Masoud Arabi
Associate Professor
Ebrahim Ghasemi
Ebrahim Ghasemi
Associate Professor
Maryam Hosseini Zori
Maryam Hosseini Zori
Assistant Professor