Exchange Program


Institute for color science and technology (ICST), with patronage of ample experience and satisfying reputation in color, colorants and coatings’ science is honored to cordially welcome international students. In line with international policy of ICST, exchange students and staffs are warmly welcome. Exchanged students and faculty members can benefit from sabbatical grant (only covering research costs including materials and experiments), provided by ICST. 
1.    Research grant is offered to exchange students and faculty members.
2.    ICST is the pioneer institute in color, colorants and coating’s science in Iran possessing international awards and honors.
3.    ICST takes advantage of fruitful collaborations with industries which results in cultivation of students adapted for industry trouble shooting and high tech innovations.
4.    ICST tries to amplify your knowledge by the means of mutual collaborations.

•    Find the most related assistant/ associate professor to your field and contact him/ her.
•    Clearly specify the duration of your stay and the research work you are to do here.
•    Provide incumbent documents
It is of great importance to provide us, your CV, motivation letter, student ID card and any certificate of academic degree.
The aforementioned documents are mandatory for evaluation of your application request. After enclosing all necessary documents, your application will start and at the end of process, you will be informed as soon as possible.
To get further details, download the “Study guide for applicants” catalogue. In case you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Office hour for phone inquiries: 8:00- 16:00 Sat- Wed

Study guide for applicants  

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