About ICST


Institute for Color Science and Technology (ICST) was inaugurated in July 1997 to develop knowledge and technologies in all areas related to Color, Colorants, Paint and Coatings. Since ICST has the effective cooperation with universities, research and industrial centers, it successfully trouble-shoots color, colorant, paint and coatings industries.

The scientific and research centers of ICST are including of:

  1. Research Faculties:
    •  Faculty of Surface Coatings and Novel Technologies:
      • Department of Surface Coatings and Corrosion
      • Department of Resins and Additives
      • Department of Nano Materials and Nano Coatings
    • Faculty of Colorants:
      • Department of Organic Colorants
      • Department of Inorganic Pigments and Glazes
      • Department of Environmental Research
    • Faculty of Color Physics:
      • Department of Color Imaging and Color Image Processing
      • Department of Color Control and Color Reproduction
      • Department of Printing Science and Technology
  2. Center of Excellence for Color Science and Technology
  3. Color Technology Incubator

ICST Catalogue:

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