Department of Organic Colorants



The Department of organic colorants began its research activities as the first of its kind in the country. It is one of the oldest departments of institute for color science and technology and is active in the fields of dyes and pigments chemistry, high tech applications of organic colorants for health, medicine, energy, textile, sensor, cosmetics, and so on at M.Sc. and PhD levels. The department is containing 3 well equipped workshops and laboratories. At present the department has a researcher staff of 4 and M.Sc. students in the various fields of organic colorants, and candidates at the doctoral level. The broad range of researches currently carried out at this department covers areas concerning the design and control of all aspects of dyes, pigments, and processes. The graduates are also active in the old and exposed to rapid expansion of dyes and pigments industry.

Research activities

  1. Synthesis and application of organic colorants (Dyes and Pigments) for Textiles, Printing, Food, Drug, Cosmetics, Paint, Paper, Leather, Sensors, Solar Cells etc. industries.
  2. Extraction and stabilization of natural dyes
  3. Developments in coloration processes
  4. Synthesis of traditional and new especial Inorganic pigments
  5. Glazes: Formulation, Rheological properties and characterization
  6. Treatment and reusability of colored wastewater by physical, chemical and biological processes
  7. Pollution prevention and detection in dye, paint, coating, ink, resin and glaze industries
  8. Air and soil pollution removal and waste management in dye, paint, coating, ink, resin and glaze industries


HPLC Instruments for measurement of color fastness TLC coater and accessories
Freeze dryer Incubator shaker UV-Vis spectrophotometer
Spray dryer Electrochemical synthesis Multi spect PDA spectrophotometer
Laboratory dyeing machine Antimicrobial tests Fluorescence spectrophotometer

Distinguished research projects

  1. Designing and manufacturing dye-sensitized solar cells based on natural dyes in Iran
  2. Feasibility and application of biocompatible photoelectrode
  3. Antimicrobial finishing on the wool yarn used in handmade carpets using environmentally friendly method
  4. Production of super-hydrophobic/oleophobic handmade carpet using new technologies
  5. Feasibility study of food spoilage using colored markers
  6. Design and construction of Optical nanosensor for rapid test of illicit compounds
  7. Green production of hand-made carpets using new technology
  8. Extraction and stabilization of anthocyanin dyes by copigmentation and microencapsulation with biopolymers

Customer services 

Key testing and evaluation areas include:

Our Laboratory offers a broad range of testing services for all types of dyes used in various industries such as textiles apparel and accessories such as casual clothing, outerwear, swimwear, belts, socks, handbags and gloves.

  • Detection of certain AZO colorants in dyestuffs.
  • Colorfastness of colorants on textiles.
  • The separation, identification, and quantification of each component in a mixture by HPLC.
  • The pH measurement of water and aqueous solution.
  • Water and wastewater analyses by UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
  • Determining of fluorescence intensity in redirect photons, analytical chemistry, fluorescence detectors, analyzing the organic compounds by fluorescence spectrophotometer.
  • Freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation by Freeze dryer.
  • Producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas by Spray dryer. 
  • Antimicrobial testing laboratory that specializing in the testing of textiles, plastics, industrial fluids, paints, inks, and construction materials.
  • Accurate Laboratory Sample Dyeing with Level and Reproducible Results works on Advanced Infrared Heating Technology and Hot Air Oven. 


Kamaladin Gharanjig
Kamaladin Gharanjig
Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad
Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad
Associate Professor
Mousa Sadeghi- Kiakhani
Mousa Sadeghi- Kiakhani
Assistant Professor
Shohre Rouhani
Shohre Rouhani
Associate Professor