Department of Printing Science and Technology



Printing industry is one of the most important industries in developed and growing countries, possessing high value added. In aforementioned countries, the printing industry relies on scientific research, in a way that printing projects cost millions of dollars annually. In line with these considerations, printing technology department of ICST as the pioneer research center in Iran and Middle East, taking advantage of expert staff and laboratory facilities, is ready to offer services to industries and scientific centers.

Research activities

  • Formulation of various types of printing inks, digital inks and toners
  • Investigation of physical properties and surface phenomena (rheology, surface energy, surface tension, pigments dispersion, ink transfer, …)
  • Formulation of different types of functional inks applied in different industries such as electronic, food, medical, energy and smart documents
  • Physico-chemical methods for surface treatment of different materials in order to obtain better printability
  • Reverse engineering, analysis and quality control of printing products
  • Training expert staff and students at post-graduation degree
  • Holding of educational seminars and workshops

Laboratory Services and Testing

Quality control of ink:

  • Ink adhesion to substrate
  • Electrical conductivity of electronic inks
  • Printability of inks
  • Color and density measurement of inks and printed materials
  • Rub resistance of printed materials
  • Surface tension and energy of inks and substrates
  • Lab equipment for preparation of various inks
  •  Assessment of print resistance to water, acidic, basic and oily solutions


Four Point Probes Three Roll Mill Netzsch Minicer Spectrodensitometer Automatic Offset Proofer
Spin Coater 3D Printer Screen Printer Ink Jet Printer Gravure/Flexo Proofer
Zahn Cup Tensiometer VIEEW digital image analyzer LaserJet Printer Ink Rub Tester
Grindometer Transfer Sublimation Viscosity Cup Pycnometer Bar Coater

Distinguished projects

  1. Formulation of digital sublimation inks
  2. Formulation of CIJ inks based on dyes and pigments
  3. Formulation of single and double component toners from recycled materials
  4. Formulation of conductive inks in order to print on paper and textile
  5. Designing of flexible laboratory samples of organic emitting diodes
  6. Formulation of lacquer for pharmaceutical packaging
  7. Preparation of gravure ink to print on wallpaper
  8. Study of operational factors affecting toner production
  9. Formulation of digital inks for desktop and large format applications
  10. Formulation of antibacterial inks
  11. Formulation of self-cleaning ink
  12. Formulation of UV- curable offset printing ink
  13. Preparation of smart photochromic and thermo chromic labels by ink jet printer


Maryam Ataeefard
Maryam Ataeefard
Associate Professor
Mojtaba Jalili
Mojtaba Jalili
Assistant Professor
Atasheh Soleimani
Atasheh Soleimani
Associate Professor
Mohsen Mohammad Raei Nayini
Mohsen Mohammad Raei Nayini
Assistant Professor


Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes by ink-jet printing

Nation Project 



Three-dimensional ink-jet printing by home and office ink-jet printer

Application No:13/730913