Director of ICST

Prof. Zahra Ranjbar

Vice Director of Research and Technology

Prof. Kamaledin Gharanjig

Vice Director of Administration, Finance

Dr. Ebrahim Ghasemi


Head of Director Office and Community Relations

Dr. Pooneh Kardar

Head of Supervision and Evaluation Office

Dr. Shohre Rouhani

Head of
Technology's affairs Office

Dr. Hossein Yari

Head of International and Scientific Cooperation Office

Dr. Mohammad Mahdavian

Head of
Research affair Office

Dr. Mojgan Hosseinnezhadi

Head of
Color Technology Incubator

Dr. Mehram Rostami

Head of
Central Laboratory

Dr. Masoud Etezad

Head of
Post graduate affair Office

Dr. Mojgan Hosseinnezhadi