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ICST library possessing over 3000 trendy books in the field of color, colorants and coating, is privileged to offer the access to useful sources.

Library and Information Management

This library has begun its services since the foundation of The Institute for Color Science and Technology in 1998 and now is located within the institute headquarters. Sources being kept in the library are related to the specified fields of Organic Dyestuffs, Inorganic Colorants, Surface Coatings and Corrosion, Resins and Additives, Printing Inks, Dyes and their Synthesis, Color Physics and Reproduction, Nanotechnology and Environmental Aspects in more than 2300 English 1000 Persian books along with 30 English and 50 Persian journals. All of the policies to run the library and provide services are ratified through the library council sessions with all the members of the research groups present and then put in the action after the confirmation of the Institute President.

The manager and other personnel of the library are always ready to give a hand to anybody who needs to use their services; now the library is run under the management of Mrs. Farzaneh Dokhani (book keeping expert) and assistance of Ms. Mahla Azizi. (also an expert in book keeping)

If a requested source is not available in the library then it will be searched in other libraries all over the country and if not available again this time the search will be conducted with the assists of foreign libraries like The British Royal Library (BL service) in order to provide the user with any source needed.

One of the other services of the library is providing the members of the faculty and the lecturers with the books the need. This could be done by purchases from the publishers or book fairs or via a mediator.

The website of the library ( can also help you find your needed books and journals. The email of this staff is 

Our library is always open

  • Access to more than 23,000 English book, 1,000 Persian book, 30 English journals and 50 Persian journals.
  • 24-hour access from any location.
  • The ability to simultaneously search across thousands of open source in the world.
  • Manage all kinds of objects (text, Ebook, patent, Standard, etc.)