Highly cited papers from ICST (June 2020)

24 June 2020 | 10:46 News

We are pleased to inform that according to Clarivate Analytics database in Essential Science Indicators sector, Institute for Color Science and Technology has 25 highly cited papers in June 2020.




Article title

Publication date


Curing epoxy resin with anhydride in the presence of halloysite nanotubes: the contradictory effects of filler concentration

 January 2019


'Cure Index' for thermoset composites

 February 2019


Protocol for nonisothermal cure analysis of thermoset composites

 June 2019


Properties of nano-Fe3O4 incorporated epoxy coatings from Cure Index perspective

 August 2019


Polyaniline-cerium oxide (PAni-CeO2) coated graphene oxide for enhancement of epoxy coating corrosion protection performance on mild steel

 June 2018


Super high removal capacities of heavy metals (Pb2+ and Cu2+) using CNT dendrimer

August 2017


Amine functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Single and binary systems for high capacity dye removal

April 2017


Enhancement of barrier and corrosion protection performance of an epoxy coating through wet transfer of amino functionalized graphene oxide

February 2016


Enhancement of the corrosion protection performance and cathodic delamination resistance of epoxy coating through treatment of steel substrate by a novel nanometric sol-gel based silane composite film filled with functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets

August 2016


A facile route of making silica nanoparticles-covered graphene oxide nanohybrids (SiO2-GO); fabrication of SiO2-GO/epoxy composite coating with superior barrier and corrosion protection performance

November 2016


Effects of highly crystalline and conductive polyaniline/graphene oxide composites on the corrosion protection performance of a zinc-rich epoxy coating

July 2017


Epoxy/starch-modified nano-zinc oxide transparent nanocomposite coatings: A showcase of superior curing behavior

February 2018


Impact of size-controlled p-phenylenediamine (PPDA)-functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets on the GO-PPDA/Epoxy anti-corrosion, interfacial interactions and mechanical properties enhancement: Experimental and quantum mechanics investigations

March 2018


Utilizing Lemon Balm extract as an effective green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1M HCl solution: A detailed experimental, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and quantum mechanics study

February 2019


Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl solution by ethanolic extract of eco-friendly Mangifera indica (mango) leaves: Electrochemical, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and ab initio study

January 2019


A combined experimental and theoretical study of green corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HCl solution by aqueous Citrullus lanatus fruit (CLF) extract

April 2019


Use of Rosa canina fruit extract as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M HCl solution: A complementary experimental, molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics investigation

January 2019


Potential of Borage flower aqueous extract as an environmentally sustainable corrosion inhibitor for acid corrosion of mild steel: Electrochemical and theoretical studies

March 2019


Persian Liquorice extract as a highly efficient sustainable corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sodium chloride solution

February 2019


Epoxy/PAMAM dendrimer-modified graphene oxide nanocomposite coatings: Nonisothermal cure kinetics study

January 20118


Synthesis of metal-organic framework hybrid nanocomposites based on GO and CNT with high adsorption capacity for dye removal

October 2017


MIL-Ti metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) nanomaterials as superior adsorbents: Synthesis and ultrasound-aided dye adsorption from multicomponent wastewater systems

April 2018


Activated carbon/metal-organic framework nanocomposite: Preparation and photocatalytic dye degradation mathematical modeling from wastewater by least squares support vector machine

March 2019


Novel magnetic amine functionalized carbon nanotube/metal-organic framework nanocomposites: From green ultrasound-assisted synthesis to detailed selective pollutant removal modelling from binary systems

April 2019


Heavy metal adsorption using PAMAM/CNT nanocomposite from aqueous solution in batch and continuous fixed bed systems

August 2018