Department of Environmental Research

Research Activities:

  1. Water and wastewater treatment (advanced oxidation process, Fenton, photo-Fenton, filtration and other new technologies)
  2. Waste management
  3. Recycling and reuse of used chemicals to reduce the environmental impact of color-related industries
  4. Development of new environmentally friendly materials and technologies for sustainable development
  5. Design and make of various reactors for wastewater treatment.
  6. Air pollution (modeling, monitoring and application)
  7. Renewable energies
  8. Synthesis of novel nano materials as adsorbent and catalyst (e.g. nano particles, nano tubes and nano layers) for removal of recalcitrance chemicals from wastewater (e.g. organic dyes and surfactants)
  9. Potentials
  10. Research on new technologies to solve environmental problems of color-related industries.
  11. Reducing the environmental impact of color industries by optimization process through development of new environmental friendly materials and technologies.
  12. Reducing the environmental impact of color industries by recovery and reuse of resources
  13. Design and modeling of treatment plantsfor Water, Air and Soil.
  14. Making absorption systems and catalytic / photocatalytic oxidation reactors.
  15. Development of new environmental friendly materials and technologies for sustainable development
  16. Design and make of water and wastewater treatment systems in laboratory, pilot and industrial scales.
  17. Implementation of waste management and recycling systems for hazardous laboratory and industrial materials.

Research Projects:

  1. Colored Wastewater Treatment by a Combination Process of Ozonation and UV Irradiation
  2. Study of Isotherm and Kinetics of Dye Adsorption onto Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
  3. A New Mathematical Model to Simulate Acidic Colored Pollutants Adsorption Phenomena from Wastewater based on Fluid-Particle Reaction Kinetics Models
  4. Dye Removal from the Coloured Wastewaters by Nanofiltration System
  5. The Hydrogen Peroxide Catalytic Oxidation of a Reactive Dye over Bentonite Modified with Al, Cu, Fe Salts
  6. Mathematical Modeling of Catalytical Total Oxidation Process of VOC Solvents Emitted from Paints and Coatings by Scale up of Laboratory Data to Pilot and Industrial Units
  7. Dye Removal from the Coloured Wastewater Using Adsorption Process on to Alkali Modified Activated Carbon
  8. Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibition of Monomeric and Gemini Cationic Surfactants on Mild Steel in Acidic Solution
  9. Organic Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Magnetic Nanopowders based on Iron Oxides
  10. Textile Wastewater Treatment by Advanced Oxidation Methods, Part 1, Ozonation
  11. Degradation of Dyes in Wastewater Using Titania Nanoparticles Photocatalysis Process
  12. Decolorization of Colored Wastewater Using Photo- Fenton Process
  13. Environmental Assesment of Gas Urban Network and Installation in Goulestan Province with View of their Construction and Cathodic Protection Materials
  14. Study the Environmental Effect and Corrosion of Water Transfer Flanges
  15. Manufacture of Activated Carbon from Agricultural Wastes for the Removal of Dyes from Industrial Wastewater
  16. Color Road Map in The Cosmetic Industries
  17. Environmental Situation of The Coloration Centers in Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari
  18. Organization and Optimization of Color Separation at Bus Stops in Passenger Terminals
  19. Investigation of the Effect of Cationic anionic Surfactants on the Rheological and Corrosion Properties of Drilling Mud
  20. Reactive Dye Removal from Wastewater by Fenton Process
  21. Evaluation of Nano Silver Effect on Corrosion Resistance Coatings in Industrial Wastewater Environment
  22. Application of Surface Modified Copper Ferrite Magnetic Nanoparticles to Remove Dyes from Wastewater
  23. Study of Emitted Aromatic Pollutants Removal with The Application of Nano Titanium Dioxide on Wall Coatings
  24. The Corrosion Inhibition Study of Cationic Gemini Surfactants on Mild Steel in Sulfamic Acid Solution
  25. Specifying Effective Parameters of Scale up Method for Industrial Reactor Design to Produce Red 254 Pigment with a Modern Method
  26. Removal of Organic and Metallic Colored Pollutants from Wastewater with Nano- Perlite
  27. Study of Effect of Nitrate Compounds of Soil on The Gas Pipeline Coatings
  28. Removal of Dyes from Wastewater by Alginate Containing Magnetic Nanoparticle
  29. Removal of Dyes Used in Printing Industry from Wastewater by Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles
  30. Dye Removal Using Poly (Amido Primary Secondary Amine) Polymer from Binary System Wastewater Contained Direct and Acid Dyes
  31. Anionic Dyes Removal from Wastewater using Nano Chitosan Particles


  1. Total Organic Carbon analyzer
  2. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Flame/Furnace)
  3. COD spectrophotometer and reactor
  4. UV-Vis spectrophotometer (single beam)
  5. UV-Vis spectrophotometer (double beam)
  6. Ion chromatograph
  7. BOD track and incubator
  8. Turbidimeter
  9. Jar Test
  10. Centrifuge
  11. pH meter
  12. Conductometer
  13. Shaker
  14. Balance

Group members:


Faculty member and Department Head

Mohammad Ebrahim Olya


Faculty member

Khashayar Badii


Faculty member

Niaz Mohammad Mahmoodi


Faculty member

Ali Reza Tehrani-Bagha


Research expert

Nargess Yousefi Limaee

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