Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment:
  • EYE-One spectrophotometer with spectral reflectance and color coordinates measurement capability and spectral irradiance and luminance measurement (45/0 sampling geometry)
  • Monochorom CCD Thorlabs CCD- DCU224M
  • Thorlabs interference and neutral filters in visible and NIR region
  • Professional digital cameras and lighting instruments
  • Profiling package for printers, monitors, scanners ,…
  • Digital microscopes with 200x and 500x magnification power with the ability of picture taking and film recordingDigital Color Checker SG (X-rite) chart, Spirit paint 1750 catalogue, standard SDC gray samples , RAL K5 classic and RAL D4 Design samples, metallic pantone chips,…
  • Konica Minolta CS2000 spectroradiometer (380-780 nm)
  • EIZO CG243W Wide Gamut Display
  • TES-133 Luminous Flux Meter to measure spectral power distribution of light sources
  • Standard light cabinet with D65,F11,A,UV,C light sources Ocean Optics NIR Quest 256 probe spectrometer (900nm-2500nm)
  • Hunterlab Minisacn 45/0 spectrophotometer with 0.5" and 1" apertures

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