Some of the Current Research Projects


1. Measurement services as a collaboration laboratory of Iranian national standard organization, having an accreditation certificate from NACI in the field of color measurement, color difference, color stability, color strength, gloss, haze, opacity, transparency and spectral behavior analysis in the UV-VIS-NIR regions of the spectrum.
2. Color matching and recipe prediction in different industries such as textile, plastic and paint industries.
3. Presenting appropriate color difference formula for determination of color difference tolerance limits in different industries. 
4. Investigation of process parameters effect on color appearance of product. 
5. Presenting a model to estimate the surface appearance in automotive finishes. 
6. Investigation of optical behavior of Nano structure materials.
7. Applying of nondestructive methods in analysis of colorants.
8. Spectral reflectance simulation of translucent materials such as tooth…
9. Investigation of optical theories of camouflage and stealth technology.
10. Calibration of reflectance spectrophotometer devices with having a calibration laboratory accreditation certificate from Iranian national standard organization.
11. Preparation and developing standards in color measurement and color control fields for different industries. 
12. Consulting services for laboratory equipment in the areas of color measurement and color quality control.
13. Colorimetric analysis of samples based on visual assessment experiments.
14. Design and manufacture of color assessment cabinets.
15. Testing for type and degree of color vision deficiency.

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