Research Activities

Research fields and Interests:
  • Estimation of color gamut (reachable colors) of different kind of color reproduction devices.
  • Characterization of color printers for acquiring more accurate colors comparing to original colors
  • Calibration and characterization of color reproduction devices such as display, digital camera, scanner…
  • Estimation of color constancy (the color stability with change of light source) of colored samples in different industries and presenting computational and visual index
  • Color appearance measurement with digital color cameras
  • Compression and reconstruction of spectral data in visible band in order to achieving or data transmission in different industries
  • Color scene transform algorithms in order to using in art, medicine and urban fields etc…
  • Color image processing
  • Exploiting computational intelligence for development of new algorithms in color science such as color matching in textiles, paints andpolymer…
  • Image rendering under different light sources
  • Color design, color harmony and color emotion
  • Color management in digital printing
  • Color matching algorithms

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